Estonian OPEN 2018  

INVITATION TO 17th ESTONIAN OPEN Field Archery Tournament!

Friday, 20th of July
… 12:00 – Arrival of participants
15:00 – Practice range open
16:00 – Registration and hand out of the participant cards
17:30 – Opening Ceremony
18:00 – Animal Round
22:00 – Barbeque and bonfire

Saturday, 21th of July
8:30 – Breakfast
9:00 – Practice range open
10:00 – Field Round (FU, BU, FS, BL)
11:00 – Field Round (LB, HB, BH, BB)
18:00 – Cheese Tournament (distance-accuracy competition)
19:00 – Archery games (darts)
20:00 – Clout tournament
21:00 – LIVE Band - dance and cake :D
Sunday, 22nd of July
8:30 – Breakfast
9:00 – Practice range open
10:00 – Hunter Round (FU, BU, FS, BL)
11:00 – Hunter Round (LB, HB, BH, BB)
17:00 – Awards Ceremony

The competition is held according to IFAA official rules. Participants in all IFAA competition and age clasesses can take part. Participants who do not take part on all three days of the competition will compete outside the tournament and can not compete for the prizes nor for the Estonian Open trophy regardless of their results.

The letter of registration should be sent to the following e-mail address: eo@kuldnool.ee or use registration form at website. The letter of registration must contain the following information: archer‘s name, competition class and level, club membership and choice of catering package (meals a day). Please also write your phone number so we can contact you in case of need. An archer is registered if the letter of registration has been sent and competition fee has been paid.
For example: Kristjan Konks AMLB C-class, Kajamaa Kütid, full catering package.

Until 8th of July 23:59 – adults 36€, children and juniors 24€;
until 15th of July 23:59 – adults 44€, children and juniors 33€.
To participants who do not compete on all days the start fee is 15€.
Registration deadline 13th of July 2016 8.59 AM.

All former archers who wish to take part only at the party on Saturday evening please pay 10€ per person to Kajamaa Spordiklubi, so we can take you into account when ordering the anniversary cake.

Catering is provided to those who register for catering services by e-mail.
Lunch package (2 lunches, Saturday and Sunday) 16€, full package (2 lunches + 2 breakfasts) 25€. For the chosen catering package the participant will pay in cash at the competition.
CAFETERIA will be open during the competition.

We recommend to camp at the competition site (tents). For those who prefer a bed here are some recommendations:
www.dzingel.ee, 15km
www.sakumois.ee 7km
/, 6km
www.trappi.ee - 13km

Kajamaa Spordiklubi MTÜ
Kajamaa village, Saku parish, Harju county, 75504
phone: +372 50 87079
Bank account number EE612200221023283803

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