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Welcome to ESTONIAN OPEN 2010! Back

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Welcome to ESTONIAN OPEN 2010! 
Estonian Field Archery Championship 
July, Kajamaa  Archery Course


16th July 2010, Friday

  • Arrival from 12:00
  • 15:00 – 17.30 Practice range open
  • 16:00 Registration and Check in
  • 17:30 Opening Ceremony
  • Animal round 18:00, 28 targets
  • Barbeque

17th July 2010, Saturday

  • Breakfast 8:30 to 10:30
  • 9:30 - 10:45 Practice range open
  • 11:00 Field round, 28 targets
  • 18:00 archery games, fun, party & dance, bonfire night

18th June 2010, Sunday

  • Breakfast 8:30 to 10:30
  • 9:30 - 10:45 Practice range open
  • 11:00 Hunter round, 28 targets
  • 18:00 Award ceremony and closing

Rules and class
IFAA rules are the Championships rules.
The classes will cover IFFA standards.
You have the opportunity to improve your shooting before the World Championships in Germany.

Competitors who do not participate in all three days of the tournament ,will not qualify for records nor will they be able to claim the Estonian Open trophy regardless of their results achieved.

Registration and Information
+ 372 50 87 079   Katrin Virula

The contest fee must been transfer 221023283803 Kajamaa Spordiklubi MTÜ account in Swedbank.
Archers outside of Estonia can pay the shoot fee on arrival at the competition site.
We require a Registration letter please: email us at info@kuldnool.ee and add your contact number in case it is necessary to clarify anything.
Also provide the following information: Archer’s name: Shooting Style: Club: Association Name: Food
Example: Kristjan Kaksilatsi AMLB (Sherwood archery club) dinner: fish, morning, chicken, morning.
Registration to ask immediately indicate whether you want meals on site.

VõistlustasuStart Fee
before 47th July to 23:59 
            Adult 25EUR 
            Children and Juniors 15 EUR
entered before 11th July at 23:59
            Adult 32EUR
            Children and Juniors 20EUR EEK
Entries after 11th July, engaged outside accounting
            Adult 38 EUR
            Children and Juniors 25 EUR

Fee per round:
before 7th July to 23:59
adult 10 EUR / 1 day
children and juniors from 7 EUR/ 1 day
later entered to 
adult 15 EUR / 1 day 
Children and juniors 10 EUR / 1 day

Lunch 70.-EEK per day
Saturday Menu
Fried fish (fish), meatloaf (beef), add: potatoes, sauce, salad, bread, and milk. Dessert: a pancake

Sunday Menu
Pork goulash (meat), chicken in pineapple sauce (with chicken), add: potatoes, sauce, salad, bread, and milk. Dessert:   cottage cheese with jam

Breakfast 40.-EEK per day
Mammu cafe with Saku manor.
Meals shall be paid for in cash as you order.
Meal full packages costs 220.- EEKs (2 lunch + 2 breakfast)

Tent camp is available at the site.
Other accommodation in the region:

Hotel Getliin - http://web.zone.ee/hotell_getliin/ - 7km
Saku Manor - Booked  for Weddings (no places)
Hotel Dzingel - www.dzingel.ee - 15 km (Tallinn)


Kajamaa Kütid  

Kajamaa Spordiklubi MTÜ, FAAE
info@kuldnool.ee, +3725087079
with best regards


We call to register for the competition before the 4 July 2010